spoken wordswordswords are drawn

•July 12, 2008 • Leave a Comment

This is not for you.

This is Me…

Well I guess it’s Me?

These might just be words but this is a place where I can get things out of my head all at once. Normally if I wanted to tell people how I was I would have to retell the story to a hundred people, and yes in the process of talking it out loud over and over I would come to terms with my situations. But who wants all that human contact. It not like people really care, at least here they can find out what I am up to without feigning interest or concern.

These writings are just virtual words not really spoken with real human intonations, body language, and facials expressions we can get rid of all those silly human emotional things.

“We want machines more human and humans more like machines”

I am Kidding if you were here with me you would know this. you would here it in my voice.

Why are you not here with me?

The magic words spoken out is power.

I Love You                                              I Hate You

To me all words are magic words. If I say the word elephant it in a way puts a spell inside of your head and makes you picture a elephant. But while writing this sentence I did not say the word elephant if I did there would be no one to hear it and the spell would not work. The written word as well is a spell that is why we call it spelling. Those who could write and draw could cast a spell on the on looker that would control their thoughts. You could empower or curse.

However, what is stronger the written word or the spoken? I believe the spoken has more power because it is a lot easier to avert your eyes then to plug your ears. If I say something to you, it is apparent that this was for you personally. If you find the same word written, you don’t know if it was truly meant for you.

in reading these if for some reason you choose to do so, Please excuse me if Things are not spelled right and if some things don’t make sense. Keep in mind these words are mainly for Me… I say mainly, it is possible that you get something out of these words. if you do that is wonderful. Let me know. Hopefully to my face.