No I don’t have a Show…I am a Magician not a Entertainer.

I Just Happen to be Entertaining.

I am a Magician…But not in the way you may think…Most Magicians you see today are just Tricksters, only performing standard tricks…If you look at the word Magic, it’s root is Magi, or “Wise Man”… Knowledge is Power… So a Real Magician is a “Renaissance Man” who studies Science, Math, Physics, and Psychology. They can be Artists or Jugglers, doing some tricks and puzzles, but also using Hypnosis, creating Illusions, Reading Minds, and Conjuring the impossible.

Magic is my Religion, my way of life.

We study all patterns of life, and can affect and change the world around us. All of This makes up who I am… I am just curious. I am a Real Life Magician but I like to think of myself as a Teacher.

In meeting me, if you are good! you will experience the whole world of magic through Body, Mind, and Soul.

I am a inventor of many magical concepts and new ideas, what I have to share with you, you have not seen before.

It’s a journey through sleight of hand/speed magic, illusions, puzzles, mind reading and psycho kinesis then into the deep dream world through hypnosis.

You have too see it. But you won’t believe it!


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