Two Worlds Collide

Inworld and Outworld you are the link between these two worlds.

There are two planes of existence.

Parallel worlds some people say they don’t exist. People say allot of things it is there nature to question things it is a safety mechanism. But for anyone to say these worlds do not exist when they can feel it touch it is foolish. How could they have forgotten, so much has been lost most have ignored this type information until it means nothing all that should have been passed on now sounds like the ramblings of the insane which might be a blessing to really see the truth which has all been lost in the repetition of so called life. I know you don’t believe me and you might be asking how do I know this?

My name is O I am the connection between the two world. I have this power. You maybe asking “How did I attain this?” I don’t know how I got this role I don’t think I choose it, I believe I was born into this position of great reasonability the ones who came before me didn’t tell me or didn’t know themselves or have made up stories to pretend to have a secret knowledge this is not me I know. I don’t even know who you are your eyes have been chosen to see this, and I hope I can explain some thing for you

all of the interactions between these two worlds are under my control I can not take this role lightly, If I do I will forget, I might never feel this way again. I have to fight to keep the two world separated if not it will all feel like one connected organism I will slowly loose all of my individual identity.

So I must move on I control what goes from one place to another. I don’t know why I do this I just do it. I have my names I like to call the two worlds Inworld because I am from the Inworld and Outworld because it is the other world I am trying to understand it is out of my control. I live in the Inworld. but most of the time I am concerned with the Outworld this is usually to protect, entertain, and educate the Inworld. I am always gathering up information to help the Inworld. In the gathering I have but few methods of which you can attain all my information. From this info I will be constantly required to make a infinite number of decisions on what I am going to let in from the Outworld to effect the Inworld.

The Outworld is a place that is constantly and quickly changing witch is why you need to always be gathering. The Inworld where I come form is a place of intangible imaginary things this it is full of conscious and devoid of things.

Don’t let appearances deceive, the Outworld is devoid of cognizant life, you can change and effect things here but you can’t give or gather anything from the Inworld directly, I must use my creature a my thing in the Outworld that I have give in the gift of life to making it unique separating it from all other things of the Outworld. I have total control of one instrument in the Outworld it is this is the only tool that you have to use to change things in the Outworld but there are others like you some are aware of there position some are not How this two worlds begin to coexist no one knows. Many make up reasons but they really don’t know it just makes them feel comfortable for a while. They don’t want to look any more. They have lost interest if you think you have the answers you can never figure out the truth.


~ by garrettthomas on July 13, 2008.

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