The Fool

(Close together) holding two magnets) (apart.

paths persist head on, then the dance

The side too side synchronicity

in the trying to get out of each others way.

She stepped into his arms,

there was…was there

no where else to be.?

The magic moment-in a syncopated waltz

In darkness where he saw her most clearly

Colors floating catching pieces of beauty.

A lady turned tiger bared teeth and smiled.

The song, had begun

Seeing with hands, she is now in his embrace

It’s here she danced as if he was another,

It’s here he danced and there was no other.

Falling lines are not the words

In him are the magic words not yet spoken?

He is a magician, to the world, to the crowd.

Slowly coming undone, sleeves rolled, arms bare

Ritualistically initiated… … …

Let the show begin

In here he boasts power, in here I’ll be with you

Cautiously she crept inside his influence

A moment in trance he made her world vanish

Deep into Illusion she disappeared into him.

Mesmerized by eyes forced to see him alone.

No resistance he bound her tight hand to hand.

How did this…? he is confused?

Surprised? Is it any wonder?

These hands, create dreams,

Manipulate desires, produce love,

Quicker than the eye and more fluid than water

But… now in no slight of his hand she is his.

to his own arousing standing ovation.

But how did it happen?

Does he even know?

he can…can he

hold it forever?

It was…was it


There was no climax, Just a twist. Did not see it coming


she was gone.

had he tried to applaud he would have

found himself tightly bound With his own ropes

it’s was all an illusion

The jester finds he is now the fool.

This is not even his show

He believed he had, her in a trance

A spell, he did not cast.

Yet magic nevertheless happened


was he .?. he was

…the spectator.

Control be not in him, then whom? Who is the God of this moment?

he sees… Why he should be so blind… Well done… Bravo…

Shattered the Illusion to soon. She couldn’t let it be…

Even for a little while.

but with so many backs to scratch kitty has no time.

Miss Direction

It is one thing to fool someone

another to hypnotize the hypnotist.

Tricking a magician to believing it’s his own routine.

removing all his power,

but still made to feel like a God with her in his arms

turning methods on him so flawlessly that he trusts he had control all along,

a part of him knew, but a stronger part did not care

and to make him enjoy it, and love her for it.

he has to ask, How did she do it?

Dare he ask why?

he sits back powerless in awe of her.

Glimpse the Gazes that takes him apart

He’s had the privilege to see eyes of wonder,

and the look of invisibility.

mothers eyes protecting her young,

look of Seduction, the eyes of a Child, Look of sadness,

But is this special, is this new, the way she looks at him in this moment.

Or is it a tainted gift she gives all when in need.

What does she really want.

It is foolish to hope that any of these are really her. Has anybody had a chance to see the truth?

Would she admit it if anyone did?

Prideful, Her words have spoke only the truth;

yet does she lie, it would seems so, she lies she lies so convincingly with her eyes

Actions speak loud but falseness still echoes.

more then is said He can hear her eyes clearly and wishes it was true at least in the moment.

it is .?. is it

A endless moment of destruction

awaiting for the conclusion.


Now for her next trick.

On with the show.


~ by garrettthomas on July 13, 2008.

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