The Cube

The Cube

it starts out perfect, every little piece where it belongs,

pure, unmoved, not a hand has been laid on it.

But it never stays that way for long.

the time will come almost as soon as it is pulled from its protective packaging;

it gets all messed up.

It has to, it must. That is the whole point.

We mix up the cube just to solve it

sound like a wastes of time.

So why do we do this as it has been done.

We make problems, just to try to solve it, only to mess it up again

A cube not mixed is not a cube worth solving

If it ever truly is solved

What is it to be solved can anything really be solved

perfection can be a obsession

short cuts are not the answer.

Even if you remove the stickers

take it apart and put it back together the right way


it is not solved for long you or some one else is going to come along and mix it up,

it must get mixed again if we leave it solved on a shelf it’s really boring. perfection is nothingness

I am just sitting here looking at my cube

I have put it together so many times before.

So I don’t even question if I will try to fix it.

You have to try.

It just becomes a matter of how.

How will I fix it?

Should I solve it the same way as I have always done?

Should I try something new?

a new pattern?

Should I just try to do it faster?

Is there a better way ?

a better pattern?

You can ask questions forever and never make a turn twist

but that mixed pattern you are starring at will with time become just as mundane as if it was still solved in its package.

Keep changing.

Everything is in a constant state of change don’t fight or instead of the cube you will be changed and twisted.

Just keep turning it let the decision just happen.

Eventually you will figure out where to start and build off of that.

Once you have made you choice it is then that your skill and know how all your learned lessons that will help you keep your accomplishments

and move on to the next goal just keep looking for the next block.

I am just sitting here messing up my cube

Too afraid to start wondering if I have been doing it wrong the whole time.

Can I relearn a new pattern?

Is it worth it to me.

For whom am I solving?

For whom am I mixing?


~ by garrettthomas on July 13, 2008.

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