The big fish story

Big fish stories it is referring to a fisherman bragging and the joke is that every time he retells the story the fish gets bigger last month he said the fish was about a foot in length and now he says it was two feet.

I am amazed how quickly the story gets bigger.

I shows a card trick once where the card ended up on the ceiling I had the deck rapped up in a rubber band a signed card lost in the middle of the deck. I take the deck throw it in the air it hits the ceiling the deck comes down but the card stays up magically stuck to the ceiling.

But when people re tell the story of this trick I have gotten responses like he threw the deck up and the card I was thinking of was stuck to the ceiling. Or he put the card in the deck and then it was gone and it appeared on the ceiling. Why do people change what happened.

I did a coin trick for a girl basically she has four coins in her hand I take one she closes her hand I vanish the coin she opens her hand and the coin is there. Now she come back to me one week later and she tells a friend of hers what I did she say he had a coin told me to hold it in my hand he produced a coin I slowly open my hand and the coin was gone.

Why is the story different from the reality of what happened? Is she lying if she is why? It would be wonderful to think that this person would lie to make me look good so I entertained this thought. I could not think of a reason why she would do this because she would then ask me to repeat the trick for her friend and I had to say no I won’t do that one again that was special for you, but I can do one like that for your friends. Then I would do a different effect that demonstrated the same type of effect. Like if it was a card to ceiling I would do another different card to impossible location. Because I could not repeat that trick at that time in the way she told it. She was not trying to put me in a awkward situation but she did so luckily I was prepared with a answer.

So what is weird is that she doesn’t know that she is mistaken. She actually thinks the effect happened just the way she said. I believe this happens because of the way people tell the story especially when retelling a magic experience. So go back to our friend the fisherman let’s take a look at why he tells the story at all. Well like I said before he is bragging he wants to make the story more impressive.

Now when people retell a magic experience they might try to impress you but this not the only reason he is also trying to make you the listener feel the experience the way he did when it actually happen. So people make things more impossible so the person they are talking to can react to the story the way that they reacted to the trick. Jumbo coins will be the size of hubcaps, cards will all of a sudden have signatures on them, and things will appear inside a spectator’s empty fist, and so on.

So that is why they exaggerate but why do people believe their own false stories. Well weather or not people really believe is a matter of speculation. But it is possible people believe their own hype. Memory is flawed at least when it come to telling stories people will tell the same story over and over until they begin to believe what their saying is the absolute truth

People remember things not the way it happened but the way they said it happened. Every one has had troubles in there childhood now if all you talk about is how bad you had it that will be all you remembers and all you think about. If instead focus on the good things and talk about the few good thing you will start to feel that things are not as bad as they seamed.

The sayings you are what you eat and garbage in garbage out is true but remember that the things you say you are also hearing at the same time so spoken word has the power to heal you if you surround your self in constructive things you will talk about constructive things witch you will hear and will go right back into your head like and echo filling yourself with a positive message. If on the other hand you speak only about the bad things you will feel that all you ever hear is bad things and it will bring you down. In life every thing is usually balance and you can focus on either side if you chose to. But you hear many stories of people that say I am going to catch a cold and then they do or I am going to loose my house. It like they are giving themselves permission to have these things happen.


~ by garrettthomas on July 13, 2008.

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