It is all in the details



We as magicians spend all this time perfecting a secret art. If we do it right it is totally invisible, no one will even know it is there. I have an effect that I have invested a lot of time into, in the end it is a quick series of eleven transfers of a coin and a ring. the whole effect takes fifteen seconds to perform, but hours and hours of time has been invested in a trick which people like to watch. They don’t even have a clue how hard it is, and it is one of my most requested tricks.

The Beatles their first #1 hit in America, staying at #1 for seven weeks ‘I want to hold your hand” This short two and a half minute song written by both John Lennon and Paul McCartney produced by George Martin broke The Beatles into a worldwide phenomenon. Was it luck, Why was such a hit and why did they choose to break on the seen with this. I have not found any writing on this exactly, but I noticed like many fans that in this song there is a Handclap throughout all the lyrics which is already genius to use hands as a extra percussion in a song titled “I want to hold your hand” but they didn’t stop there, the thing most people would not notice is when the handclaps are not there. The claps are present throughout except when they are mentioning anything tactile anything that involves the hands the handclaps stop when they are saying “I want to hold your hand” and in the refrain “and when I touch you I feel happy inside, it’s such a feeling that my love I can’t hide” This is more than just interesting it is art whether or not this was intentional witch I feel it was, I am not sure who did it but there it is nonetheless this is one of the many Subconscious reasons the public loved this song. So why do the handclaps stop It’s not just because it sounds good it is because they are metaphorically holding our hands or at least reaching out to us the audience so therefore they could not clap. Taking this song from a passive listening experience to a intimate physical contact with them personally.


Also I believe that bands like The Beatles, U2, and even the one hit wonders that live on long after there time that they have a similar message a message of truth and love this is why as humans we are drawn to these entertainers we are searching for truth and love.



~ by garrettthomas on July 13, 2008.

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